Join the fun of creating Make Music Madison 2015

What has quickly become a marquee summer event, this citywide celebration of music on the first day of summer is the result each year of the creative efforts of a team of passionate music-loving volunteers.

Last June’s event brought out 285 artists and ensembles, performing 420 concerts at over 100 venues across Madison. How can we build on this success in 2015?

We encourage anyone and everyone to contribute to this movement. Bring your unique talents, ideas, connections… to the table, and help grow the musical merriment across Madison on the next summer solstice.

We meet on 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, from 6-8pm at 30 W. Mifflin Street, 6th floor.  Newcomers are welcome — drop in!


There are many ways for you to offer your skills and talents. We welcome your participation and have roles for almost any type of skill or time commitment. Below are some ways you can volunteer to create this day of participatory fun for all Madisonians. If you’d like to help in a way you don’t see listed here, just let us know. 


January, February, March, April, and May are key months for recruiting new venues, musicians and partner organizations. Help us reach anyone and everyone about the opportunity to host a venue or to become a performer.     

  • Neighborhood Organizers:
    Help draw together a team to put your neighborhood on the Make Music Madison map. An ideal neighborhood team might include neighborhood associations and non-profits, business owners, professional and student musicians. Together you will help set up and promote venues and performances in your neighborhood.
  • Musicians Representatives:
    Contact returning musicians and reach out to new ones. Help musicians navigate and complete the matchmaking process, and help them promote their concerts.  We welcome newcomers, returning musicians and music educators to help us in reaching out to all musicians.
  • Venues Representatives:
    Contact neighborhood associations, community centers, new and returning venues, businesses, and non-profits to encourage them to sign up to host MMM performances. Then, help locations navigate and complete the matchmaking process, and help them to promote their concerts.
  • Student Coordinators:
    Make Music Madison is especially interested in offering performance opportunities for students and emerging artists. Help identify and recruit student musicians and ensembles representing UW, Edgewood, Madison College, Madison and surrounding community School Districts, and the Madison Media Institute?

Special Events and Public Participation Team

One of our goals in 2015 is to create more opportunities for non-musicians to be a part of large public participation performances. Another is to create something special around the Farmers’ Market and at the end of the day. There could be many mass participation events, but for any of these ideas to come to fruition, we’ll need organizers who can take the initiative to plan, promote and manage these “happenings.”

  • Public Participation Coordinators:
    Become a maestro of spontaneous fun. Help identify and set up mass performance opportunities for anyone. Whether you have one specific idea for a public participation performance, or you want to become the maestro of maestros, contact us and we’ll start working out the details. We’re looking for large groups of people to gather together to sing-along, perform-along, or dance-along. Perhaps a huge choir, or 60s rock ‘n’ roll karaoke, or every trombone player in Madison. What’s your big idea?
  • Flash Mobs Coordinator:
    Organize a flash mob from an existing band or orchestra, or create your own group that wants to flash mob us.

Promotions, Advertising, Publicity, Social Media Volunteers

Everyone in Madison should know about Make Music Madison before June 21st, and then plan to attend. There are so many ways people get information these days, and we’ll want to use all these to create buzz.

  • Publicists:
    Be part of a team that helps create press releases and follows up on leads for news stories and features in all media.
  • Advertising:
    We’ll be doing a bit of advertising, so we’ll need some copy and layout help for print, as well as creation of radio and television spots.
  • Social Media Managers:
    Make MMM a viral success.  Have fun, be creative, work with our tech team to reach thousands of people across multiple social media platforms.
  • Musicians of Madison Blog Writers and Curators:
    Help promote Madison’s musical diversity. Help profile MMM musicians, linking viewers to performance video clips and more.
  • Street Promoters:
    Take it to the streets and help create buzz. Help promote performances, wrangle posters, banners, T-shirts, and so much more. Got a great guerrilla marketing idea? Tell us! Do it!
  • Promotional Items Managers:
    Help with sourcing, pricing, design, procurement, sales and distribution of promotional items such as T-shirts, Frisbees, totebags, and more.  Help also with production and distribution of signs and posters.
  • Videographers, photographers:
    We’d like to create a video for crowd sourced fundraising.  We’ll also need a video that musicians and venues can watch so they can more easily find their way through the matchmaking software. And, of course, we’ll need help creating a vibrant record of what happens on June 21 and the days preceding it.

Events Administration and Volunteer Management Team

Do you have project management, events management, volunteer management or administrative skills?  Join the team that helps manage the thousands of details that will make a citywide event feel like a seamless, effortless celebration.

  • Volunteer Managers:
    Join our planning committee and events manager to recruit and train volunteers for Make Music Madison. Help create volunteer materials, and manage volunteer logistics for the event. We need lots of volunteer organizers now, and we’ll need scores of volunteers the week before June 21 and also on the Big Day.
  • Administrative Assistance Volunteers:
    Do you excel at Excel, can you manage a mailing or proofread a press release? Join our administration team. We’ll have lots of tasks that need to be done to help keep all the balls in the air. We need your assistance.
  • Matchmaking Assistants:
    Commit to working with our matchmaking team throughout March, April, and May, to help venues and musicians successfully complete their matchmaking process. This assignment would be perfect for past venues or musicians who already have experience in the full cycle of registration, and performance.

    For more information or to volunteer, email info(at)makemusicmadison(dot)org.