Make Music


Make Music Madison 2020
Sunday, June 21st

Make Music Day is less than a month away and there are so many ways to celebrate! Join musicians in over 120 countries and your neighbors in communities all across Wisconsin.

From virtual lessons, to a front-porch city-wide drumming session, to a musical relay, there is something for everyone!

This year, instead of gatherings and playing for live audiences, we invite individuals or members of the same household to check out all the ways to virtually and safely share the music.


Live From Home Challenge

In partnership with global Make Music cities, the Make Music Alliance invites everyone to post a musical performance from home on June 21, and tag three friends to challenge them to do the same.

More details coming soon!

Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld of a finger tapping on a pianist's back

Global Livestream

On June 21, music rings out simultaneously across more than 120 countries. Whether you are beneath a skyscraper in Beijing or along the shore of a small Greek fishing village, you will find people making music.

In 2020, for the second year, the Make Music Alliance is organizing a day-long video stream on June 21 showing the rich diversity of Make Music Day events around the world.

Interested in adding your music to the stream? Please fill out this form.

Madison Live Stream
Tune in for details for Madison’s livestreaming show starting at 3:00 presented by talented artists from all over the city. Individual musicians or members of the same household, email if you are interested in participating.

Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld of a global microphone



25×12: Live Online Lessons

Make Music Day is the perfect opportunity to shake the dust off your instrument and start playing again, or to pick up an instrument for the first time.

Need a hand? This June 21, music teachers from around the world will offer 12 hours of free, online group lessons for 25 different instruments, at a range of levels from beginning to advanced. Jump around to sample a range of instruments, or binge on 12 straight hours of your favorite.

Hundreds of teachers and master musicians will participate, including Chelsea Starbuck SmithElise EcklundAndy BlancoKanako Shimasaki, and Caleigh Drane.

A full schedule will be posted on the Make Music Day website in early June – stay tuned!

And if you’re interested in teaching, e-mail and give us a little background: your instrument, teaching experience, and a website or YouTube link of your work if you’ve got it. We’ll be in touch!

Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld of an online music lesson

Drumming from Your Doorstep

From 8:00-9:00 PM on June 21st, everyone is invited to join the city-wide drumming session from your front door. Let’s hear drumming in all corners of Madison. Individuals and members of the same household, head outside to your patio, stoop, or front porch to top off Make Music Day.


This Make Music Day, we invite you to join in a local music song swap, where you will learn a song by another local artist, and hear yours covered in return. Songwriters and composers of all styles and walks of life are invited to participate in #MySongIsYourSong.

Find your own partner in your community or beyond, swap songs, and learn them for June 21st. Share your videos on social media with #MySongIsYourSong to be a part of the celebration!

Email to let us know you’ll be participating!

Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld of two singers overlapping


Track Meet

This year for Make Music Day, join composers, producers and songwriters from around the world in a collaborative race against the clock.

Over the course of six hours, teams of four musicians will create brand new original tracks in a creative relay. Using the virtual audio workstation SoundTrap, each musician will get 90 minutes to add their contribution before the next teammate takes over. At the end of the day, we will bounce each team’s track and host them online for everyone to hear.

Interested in joining the Track Meet? Register to be matched with a creative team or sign up with your own group of four musicians by June 7th.

How It Works

  1. If you are in North or South America, complete the registration form here. Registration for other parts of the world will be available soon.
  2. On June 14th, we will connect you with your teammates and assign your timeslot. Set up your SoundTrap account (a free version is available) and get familiar with it.
  3. When you start composing on June 21, you will have 90 minutes to work. Your contribution should use one instrument family, with your tracks marked with your assigned color. You must not edit any of your teammates’ tracks.
  4. After 90 minutes, the next team member will take over. Once your time is up, you cannot modify anything you’ve created.
  5. When everyone’s time is up, you have 30 minutes to revise your work together, and come up with a title. After 30 minutes, we will collect your work, in whatever state it’s in, and share it with the world!Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld, musicians collaborating on a track

World’s Smallest Marching Band

Since 2011, dozens of Make Music Day celebrations around the country have featured the “Sousapalooza” – an invitation for hundreds of brass, wind, and percussion players to come together and sightread the music of The March King, John Philip Sousa.

In 2020, in lieu of these massive gatherings, Make Music Day will explore the other end of the scale with The World’s Smallest Marching Band. Individual brass and wind players will parade through cities, by themselves, playing band repertoire to people listening from their homes or workplaces. These Pied Pipers (without rats or children) can bring musical joy in a year when parades are far and few between.

Interested in being a tiny marching band for Make Music Day? Contact Jonah Udall at

And check back soon to find a World’s Smallest Marching Band coming to you!

Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld of a one-person marching band


Bedroom Studios

For the past six years, open-air recording studios have appeared on sidewalks in cities around the world on June 21st to celebrate Make Music Day. In these Street Studio Cities, pioneered by Found Sound Nation and Harman, world-class DJs and producers invited passers-by to contribute to a spontaneous music production session, using only the audio recorded on the spot.

This year, while people around the world are staying safer at home, producers will continue this tradition with Bedroom Studios – live-streaming their production process from home, while creating a collaborative track with short audio clips sent in by viewers.

Bedroom Studios will offer a window into music production, and the challenge of producing with completely unknown inputs, bringing music makers together from bedroom to bedroom.

Work with producers from New York, Hungary, Austin, Pakistan and more. Check out the Make Music Day link here for more details.

Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld of a producer mixing sounds in bed

Bash The Trash

This Make Music Day, join Bash the Trash Environmental Arts in raising awareness about trash pollution by building fun instruments from found objects!

The performers and educators of Bash the Trash are offering their innovative designs for wind, percussion and string instruments for an exciting new approach to building instruments from everyday refuse. These amazing instruments tackle issues of waste and offer us an opportunity to look at “trash” in a new way.

And thanks to D’Addario’s Playback String Recycling program, free used guitar strings will be sent to you upon request to use for the Diddley Bow – just tell us where to send them.

Once you’ve built your instruments, play “Ode to Joy” or “Baby Shark” and post it with the hashtags #BashTheTrash #MakeMusicHomeMade and #LessTrashMoreMusic to join in the celebration. Visit the Make Music Day website for videos on how to create your instruments.

Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld of objects you could use to make musical instruments