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Today is #GivingTuesday! Consider donating to Make Music Madison to support our marketing and outreach efforts in 2022!


Your support will help us:
- Pay a local visual artist to design our 2022 poster and promotional materials
- Print posters, banners, stickers, yard signs & more to get the word out
- Build relationships with new venue hosts and performers across the city to grow Make Music Madison

We have a new Managing Director!

The Board of Directors of Make Music Madison has contracted Meri Rose Ekberg to be the next Managing Director. Some of you may already know her through her work assisting on the 2021 festival, or through her previous experience managing Kids in the Rotunda, OnStage, and International Festival at Overture Center for the Arts. You can learn more about her at

Thank you, Natasha Sattin, for your years of dedication and hard work!

Mark your calendars for this Tuesday, November 30th and consider donating to support Make Music Madison! We are a small non-profit that thrives on community support. Help us continue to grow our annual musical extravaganza by donating this #GivingTuesday


Your donation will be used to support marketing and outreach efforts for Make Music Madison on June 21, 2022, including: hiring a visual artist to produce our annual poster & digital assets; printing promotional materials including posters, banners, stickers, yard-signs and more; outreach efforts to new venues and performers in our area.

- To all the performers who shared their art with us - You rock!
- To all the venue hosts who graciously welcome guests to their patios, front porches, driveways, parks, etc. - We couldn't have done it without you!
- To all the attendees who traversed the city and roamed their neighborhoods on the search for tunes - We appreciate you and hope you enjoyed the day!

THANK YOU to all the sponsors who made this possible:
Madison Arts Commission

And finally to our media partners @wisconsinpublicradio and @wortfm - Thank you for getting the word out about this wonderful event!

Enjoying Make Music Madison? Consider making a donation to our Go Fund Me campaign to support the project! Make Music Madison is a 501(c)(3) organization primarily supported by the City of Madison's room tax commissions thanks to the Madison Arts Commission. Due to financial impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our funding was cut significantly this year, so all assistance is appreciate to help us cover the cost of putting on this wonderful event!

Off to a start at Hoyt Park with folk guitarist Rex Loker playing for @MSCR camps!! #makemusicday ...

Today is #makemusicday!

- Checkout the over 300 free performances at

- Hydrate, seek shade when needed, and use sunscreen!

- Support musicians with cash and digital tips!

We'd like to thank Solidarity Realty, LLC for being a Silver Partner sponsor and helping to support Make Music Madison 2021! If you stop by one of their open houses or pass their office on Willy Street, thank them for their support : ) ...

#makemusicday is tomorrow! Stop by the Garver Feed Mill for music from 3:30 - 8 PM, including one of my favorites @Limanya ...

Stop by the Neighborhood House Community Center from 6 - 7 PM on #makemusicday for danceable Latin rhythms presented by Lucky Voy & Alfers! ...

A big thank you to our silver partner @metcalfesmarket for sponsoring Make Music Madison 2021! We are lucky to have such a great community minded store in our city. Don't forget to stop by Metcalfe's on Make Music Day for piano entertainers from 10 AM - 6 PM. ...

The national Make Music Day administrators have put together an amazing lineup of free music lessons throughout #makemusicday! Have an instrument lying around you've been wanting to learn? Interested in joining a community of other musicians looking to expand their knowledge? Check out the schedule:

Ukulele by Flight - 10am-10pm ET
Brass by Jupiter - 1-9pm ET
Children's Music by Nuvo & Slippery Rock U - 10am-4pm ET
Music Production by DMI - 9pm-1am ET
Piano by MTNA - 10am-2pm ET (and perhaps longer!)
Harmonica by Hohner TBA

Checkout the Music Lesson Marathon schedule at:

Just a few more days until #makemusicday ! If you are excited about this event and want to hep keep it happening in future years, consider supporting our Go Fund Me campaign! Any amount helps as we are a non-profit organization funded in part by the Madison Arts Commission.

A shout out to the Madison branch of @heidmusic for sponsoring Make Music Madison 2021! Thank you for your support, it was really needed this year to help make this event successful and wow did it work! We have a great lineup of over 300 shows stretching throughout the city and we are looking forward to a fun-filled day : ) ...

The world has endured a tragic year. Millions have died from COVID-19, and social, cultural, and economic life has been curtailed everywhere. With vaccinations accelerating, life in many places is on the road back to normal. But before life can feel truly normal, we must memorialize the devastation of the past year. Our response is an initiative called This Moment In Time.

At noon local time on #makemusicday , three gong players in Madison — Andy Hanson, Neil Sisauyhoat, and Michael Winter — will join forces in the resonant space under the East Washington overpass and will play the gong for one uninterrupted hour.

All around us, an exquisite musical instrument hides in plain sight: the leaf.

In the hands of a master player, a humble leaf becomes a reed instrument like no other. Leaf playing has a long history in many nations around the world, including China, Cambodia, Australia, Brazil, Japan and Nepal. This Make Music Day, we celebrate these traditions, and invite music fans to find their favorite tree to try the world’s most common uncommon instrument.

Leaf Music programs on June 21 will include a Global Leaf Music Symposium, a Track Meet featuring leaf musicians, and instructional videos to help you turn your own greenery into a symphony.

Watch the symposium live on this page at 9:00am ET on June 21, or replay it throughout the day:

Thank you Liz Quinn Homes for sponsoring Make Music Madison as a Silver Partner! Your support was crucial to helping us fund this year's event that engages all communities of Madison in a day of live music. If anyone is looking for a a great real estate team, consider @lizquinnhomes and thank them for sponsoring MMM! ...

Stop by the @oldsugardistillery on #makemusicday for all sorts of good music, including the @tent_show_troubadours at 12 - 1:30 PM!

Thank you @capitalmusicgear for your generous support of Make Music Madison 2021! We appreciate your assistance in helping to make this year's festival happen in spite of all the struggles of the last year. ...

If you love drummers, mark your calendars on #makemusicday for Madison Japanese Taiko drumming Group "BENI Daiko" who will be performing at three different locations throughout the day:

Overture Center for the Arts at 12 PM - 1 PM

Unity of Madison at 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

Hiawatha Circle Park at 4:15 PM - 5 PM