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2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

Tent Show Troubadours / HOOT and Hollers

Tent Show Troubadours were formed by Bob Hoot (guitar/vocals) and Doug McLeod (bass) are the foundation. The rest of the lineup consists of Geri Hamilton (violin/vocals), John Hamilton (guitar), and Ben Lokuta (drums). TST gigs are occasionally graced with the vocal talents of Jenniper Hylbert. TST has 6 albums and 1 EP: Original Music in a Variety of Flavors, Tangled Ways, Revival (EP), Murder of Crows, Autumn's Empire, Alchemy & Chemistry and Lost and Found. In April, the overlapping bands of Tent Show Troubadours / HOOT and Hollers recorded 10 cover songs on the aptly named album Cover Letters.

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