Make Music Madison

2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Mark Gruebel and Scott Hill

"The Lonesome Traveler" is a song I wrote after I met a homeless person one afternoon. I asked him how did he get here sleeping on a park bench in LaCrosse Wisconsin. He said he wasn't always homeless. There was a time when he lived near Boston. He had a job and was married and owned a home. But then a mental illness that started in his early twenties got worse. He left home one day and ended up in Salt Lake City Utah. He lost his job , his house and his wife. For the last ten years he followed the railroad tracks wandering from town to town.He kept a book of the I Ching and three pennies and when it was time to wander he would throw the coins into the air and determine where he should go. The part that haunted me the most talking to him was when he told me... To read the rest of bio and hear the song “The Lonesome Traveler” and other songs please go to website or check out my video "Maybe on Monday" on YouTube at mgruebel100

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