Make Music

2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st


The name of our group refers to the Russian bread of welcome and celebration. It is often presented at weddings as a symbol of joy and happy wishes for the future. The five of us met as members of the UW Russian Folk Orchestra based here in Madison. Karavay plays folk songs from around the world. Olga Trubetskoy brings out the haunting sounds of the balalaika, Vladimir Trubetskoy plays domra, acoustic guitar and is our vocalist for many of the songs in our repertoire. Nebojsa Macura is a composer who plays many instruments including (but not limited to) bass guitar, viola, ukelele. Anna Graupner plays the violin and is also a member of "Sophisticats of String Quartet". Patricia Stone plays the piano accordion and is a local solo performer known as the "Blue Accordion".

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