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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Eddy Birth

Eddy Birth is a singer songwriter from the Midwest who is dedicated to capturing the sounds that dwell there. His solo project focuses on the melancholy one might feel when the hours of sunlight dwindle in the freezing winter. His writing often inquires about the unknown associated with taking risks: what if I leave, what if I start a new life, what if I wander…? However, the answers are never found elsewhere. Instead they are found in Wisconsin. They are found in Chicago. They are found in the Midwest where loved ones are close by. This tension that exists between the feeling of loneliness despite being surrounded by loved ones is accompanied by instruments that are equally paradoxical. The baritone ukulele (an instrument with a naturally joyous timbre) is contrasted with heart-wrenching harmonica solos... a folk style acoustic guitar is accompanied by eerie Theremin solos!

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