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2021 Listings: Monday, June 21st

20 Minute Mission

20 Minute Mission is a trio that calls Madison, WI home. With diverse influences and playing styles, the group has brought a unique and refreshing aspect to punk rock/post-punk/alt-rock music by meshing styles and abandoning stylistic dogma. Not confined by established roles, the members of the band actively switch instruments from song-to-song and this shows in the diversity of sound that is 20 Minute Mission. Drawing from their previous work: Mike (Band 3 of 10- from Minneapolis), Steve (Billingsgate-from Chicago) and Joel (Rhinelander-from Milwaukee) have now all landed in Madison, WI and are looking to combine their tastes and abilities into something that is their own and that you can tap your toes to. Not letting COVID-19 detour them, 20MM has recorded two EPs while in their bubble; the first was a self-titled, 8-song, album released in the summer of 2020 which featured the song 29 Palms that came in at #7 in Maximum Ink’s, New Year’s Eve poll of the top 41 songs for 202

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