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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Lakewaves Trio

Lakewaves Trio is a Madison-centric, groove-based outfit that crafts celestial originals with an eclectic, progressive, soundscape-y instrumentalism that's pretty much guaranteed to get an intense response from your local community no matter where you are – a Motel 6 in Pittsburgh, an abandoned factory in south Milwaukee or a quinceañera in East LA. And like their offbeat, [Zach] Galifianak(ian) song titles allude to, the experimental music creates a fitting soundtrack to anything from bank robberies and impromptu dance parties to other cinematic activities. Led by Graham Marlowe, an eccentric Wisconsin-based keyboardist/pianist, “synthesizer graffiti artist” and instrumental solo artist (Lakewaves), the Trio likes to follow its unusually gratifying formula of drawing on six-plus hours of celestial originals, adapting vocal and non-vocal covers into dreamy tangentials and spontaneously composing to the vibe of the rooms they play to.

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