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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Arielle Silver

“Lovely songwriting and arrangements.” —The Boston Globe “An incredible singer-songwriter right in our backyard.”— 88.5FM TheSoCalSound (Los Angeles) “Arielle Silver is a born communicator... exudes intelligence and humanity.” Music Connection Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Arielle Silver is a consummate storyteller whose rich, expressive voice and acoustic guitar frame expansive melodies that echo her tours and travels across the American heartland. Born on the Gulf of Mexico and raised along the Atlantic seaboard, Arielle now lives just a traffic jam away from the Pacific Ocean in her adopted home of Los Angeles. The ethic of care, interpersonal relationships, and ecological notice are essential wellsprings in the storytelling and music of Arielle Silver. Memories of places and times serve as touchstones through her songs, as do the Americana-roots sounds of folk, country, and rock.

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