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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Nostalgic Groove

Nostalgic Groove is a forthcoming nostalgic groove machine. More accurately you could say we are a group of skilled and deeply inspiration rooted musicians on a mission to share the dance and sway of familiar refrains of our lifetimes to those in need. Succinctly, we're a great band. We're an all new seven member band designed for music therapy and are preparing to tour the area to present to people/patients, near the end of life. Our common inspiration is to develop a repertoire that can put a smile in the hearts of those who would benefit from this comfort of one of humanity’s most precious expressions. Our diverse music ranges from the forties to the present, with a bit more weight on the sixties and seventies. We're good with rock, blues, jazz, folk, or what we see inspiring for the soul, and have style. And though we perform with our particular savoir faire, our music is familiar. We drive to lift up good feelings and memories for our audience. This music is for everybody.

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