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goodkitty, the musical project of Chicago-area songwriter Katie Colt, announces the release of the goodkitty debut EP, Picture Albums, out February 9. Picture Albums immediately places goodkitty in the canon of songwriters who meticulously craft worlds of emotion and narrative into nostalgic yet excitingly new melody-driven pop and indie rock music. The six songs on Picture Albums provide listeners with a taste of Katie's immense breadth and depth as a vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and producer. She connects listeners to her compelling exploration of past relationships with lush atmospherics, melodies that will get stuck in your head, and subtle musical moments that make the songs familiar, like meeting someone you must have known in a past life. Katie isn't afraid to mine her emotions in her music: the deep yearnings of a queer crush, leaving toxicity in the past, and finding the strength within oneself to grow are the personal undercurrent of the EP's songs.

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